Rockford levy: YES to a Brighter Future

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, Nov. 6 the voters of District 883 spoke.

They said that Rockford Area Schools matter and have their support. This didn’t just happen because the voters read a ballot question and thought it sounded good. It happened because so many people in this district stood up and said YES. They said yes to the future, yes to our students, our schools and our community. They gave in so many ways, with their time, their talents and their treasure and never once wavered in their commitment to spread the facts and share their passion for the importance of passing this bond.

The committee, which started small in August became an army of volunteers who had neighborhood meetings, knocked on doors, made phone calls, created videos and direct mail pieces, who wrote editorials, displayed signs and green light bulbs. The list of efforts goes on and on, and every person who worked toward this laudable cause should be thanked.

To that end, the Yes for the Future committee formally says THANK YOU. To all the volunteers, supporters, local businesses and voters who together have granted our students and our district the means to a brighter future — thank you!!

Rockford Area Schools has so much to offer and so much potential. The outpouring of support on Tuesday has unleashed a palpable wave of optimism and expectation. Tuesday was the first step. We have turned a page and the bar has been raised. The school board and administration have committed to the citizens that they will be good stewards of the resources this bond provides, and will be diligent in their application and oversight. We look forward to witnessing the process and projects begin, and we will keep a keen eye on the progress.

Over the last 90 days, we have experienced first-hand the depth of commitment to our community and the students of this school district. We have been awed by the selfless dedication of those around us and we thank everyone for their efforts!


Naomi Teske on behalf of

Yes for the Future Committee