LETTER: Put your money where your mouth is

To the Editor:

It was with absolute disbelief that I saw the results of the school levy requests. Everyone I spoke to before Election Day talked about the importance of supporting our schools and our students. And yet, somehow, the levy requests failed.

Perhaps it is just rhetoric when we read editorials about supporting our schools, when people say we want our children to learn and achieve and be competitive in an ever changing world. If this is the case, we are no better than the politicians we accuse of doing that very same thing.

I do not wish my “yes” vote to be meaningless. I want to show my child by example that I am not just spouting rhetoric — that when I say I value our teachers, our education system, our school district, I mean it. In other words, I am putting my money where my mouth is. That’s why I am making a donation in the amount that my property tax would have gone up if both of the much-needed levy requests had passed. My hope is that perhaps other community members who voted yes and really meant it will do the same.

I value my school district, the teachers and support staff, and the education my child receives from them, and that I am committed to make this donation yearly until the levies are passed.

Terri Anderson-Webb

Brooklyn Park