How did locals in Champlin & Dayton vote?

As a nation, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were re-elected in the 2012 Election with 303 electoral votes versus Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan’s 206 Electoral College votes. Obama also earned the lead in the popular vote with 59,621,436 compared to Romney’s 56,989,709. As a state, Obama earned more than 1.54 million votes or 52.65 percent of the vote versus Romney’s 1.32 million votes or 44.96 percent of the vote.

Both of the state constitutional amendments were defeated, failing to earn at least 50 percent of the vote.  The marriage amendment failed falling short with only 47.44 percent of the votes supporting it while the voter photo identification amendment failed only garnering 46.16 percent of the vote. Locally, here’s how the votes for these races and amendments fared:



The Romney/Ryan ticket won the hearts of 7,006 voters or 52.7 percent of the votes compared to Obama/Biden’s 6,266 votes (47.2 percent).

Champlin voted in line with the state on the marriage amendment with only 47.10 percent of voters in favor of it. However, 52.63 percent of Champlin voters supported the voter photo identification amendment.



Dayton’s voters were in direct contrast to the state and national voting record with the Romney/Ryan ticket winning 61.97 percent of the votes or 1,667 votes compared to Obama’s 1,023 votes (38 percent).

Voters in Dayton were also largely in favor of both amendments with the marriage amendment earning 54.45 percent of the vote and the voter photo identification amendment earning 59.85 percent of the vote.