Voters elect six to Delano School Board

School District 879 voters, Tuesday, Nov. 6, elected six candidates to take seats on the School Board for Delano Public Schools.
District 879 serves Delano and Loretto and portions of Franklin Township, Independence, Greenfield and Corcoran.
Three candidates were running unopposed for three School Board seats that carry four-year terms. Voters elected Amy Johnson, Randy Durick and Sarah Baker to continue on the board.
Four candidates were competing for three board seats that carry two-year terms. The three winners were incumbent Carolyn Milano with 2,810 votes (28.73 percent), newcomer Mark A. Larson with 2,469 votes (25.5 percent) and incumbent Corey Black with 2,418 votes (24.72 percent). Jonathan Ness was the losing candidate, with 2,033 votes (20.79 percent).
School District 879 had 16,235 voters registered as of 7 a.m., Nov. 6. All results are unofficial.