Rogers gracious for Otsego road project contribution

by Dawn Feddersen-Poindexter

Contributing Writer


The Rogers City Council received final written approval from the City of Otsego for their contribution of $100,000 to the extensive overhaul of the intersection of Hwy. 101 and County Rd. 144 planned for next year.

Council members expressed their gratitude to Otsego for contributing to a project outside of their own city and county.

“This isn’t strictly a city of Rogers project. It’s a regional project,” councilmember Rick Ihli commented. “It will help move traffic through the 101 corridor in a safer and faster fashion. My hat’s off to Otsego for contributing.”

The project is expected to cost more than $16 million, with the majority of funds coming from County, State, and Federal funding.

In other construction-related news, the Council authorized the final payment on the John Deere Lane extension project, which took place between Main Street and CSAH 81. The final cost of the project, which was completed this summer, was $757,000, $5,000 under its budgeted amount.

“This was a long project. It’s good to see it at this point. It’s a good starting point for our whole downtown development plan,” Mayor Jay Bunting said.

The council also directed City building officials to inspect the property at 13766 Bluewing Dr. after receiving numerous complaints from other residents. The home suffered fire damage following a lightning strike last spring and currently has a very large, unsecured hole in the roof. Officials believe there may also be structural issues inside caused by the fire and possible water damage or mold caused by the hole in the roof being open to the elements for a long period of time. The home is believed to be vacant and bank-owned.

The Council also agreed to assess unpaid sewer and water charges to the property taxes of 154 residences. The unpaid amounts total over $46,000. Residents still have until Nov. 30 to bring their accounts up to date.