LETTER: Osseo residents: Misinformation on police building

To the Editor:

There has been some misinformation passed on about the new police building.

There was a range of three possibilities determined by a group, including the police chief, meeting with an architect/engineering company that was contracted by the Council. The least expensive was in the library space that was determined to be inadequate. The second was at the “Iten Building” which the city no longer owns. The last one, which was the most expensive ($1.5 million) has never really been proposed or decided on.

There are still other options for building size and needs plus funding being considered and looked at by Mr. Reeder and others. It was determined that changes could be made from the last option by the architects.

There would be no need for this building to be staffed 24 hours a day by two to three additional people as you stated. The Osseo Police Department is adequately and efficiently staffed with one police chief, four full time police officers, and a pool of part time police officers. A new police building would be staffed as our current building is. There is an officer on duty 24 hours a day seven days a week and the office is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. staffed by our Administrative Assistant.  Again there would be no need for additional staff.

Mark Weidenbach


  • Art

    Osseo simply cannot afford a taj mahal police station…..period

  • vinny

    There are two officers on duty at a time. It seems that you need someone to watch a prisoner. If only one is on duty that creates a nice overtime situation for the current group. Besides Osseo does not need a Taj Mahal Police Station.

  • Andy

    Actually Vinny, there is only one officer on per shift. During the week in the daytime, the Chief and the main officer working the shift is there, monday through friday. Over night, there is only one officer on. As for them watching a prisoner, it doesn’t happen. From my understanding of it, they are brought to hennepin county jail or Brooklyn Park jail. Once booked in, the officer leaves and returns to Osseo.

    The new police station would only need a holding cell. It would not be certified to hold prisoners for long periods of time, like hennepin county and brooklyn park is.

    Once again, someone starting rumors before they know all the facts. Been listening to Mr. Lindquist running his yap again huh?

    And as for the Taj Mahal of police stations. I agree it’s not needed, but it needs to be better than the place they are in now, and it needs to not be another temporary solution.