Prairie Seeds Academy may challenge disqualification in court

The Minnesota High School League appears to anticipate a possible lawsuit from the Brooklyn Park charter school Prairie Seeds Academy in response to the league’s decision to disqualify the school from the state boys’ soccer tournament.

The league announced the disqualification Oct. 24, saying that during an investigation into a post-game fight with Totino Grace players Oct. 18, it discovered Prairie Seeds had played an ineligible player all season.

After beating Totino Grace 2-1 at Maple Grove Senior High, Prairie Seeds was scheduled to play Duluth’s Marshall School Friday, Oct. 26, but because of the disqualification, the league said Marshall would get a bye into the semifinals at the Metrodome.

But according to Kevin Snyder, athletic director at Marshall School, the league advised his team to continue practicing as if they will play on the 26th in case Prairie Seeds challenges the ruling.

“I think the were trying to give me a heads up …” Snyder said. He noted that in a situation like this, it’s always possible a ruling will be challenged.

Snyder said the school is waiting to cancel the buses it booked for the team, band, fans and parents. The uncertainty presents logistical challenges, but he remains optimistic, saying the staff at Marhall School has been supportive and the high school league is doing its best to communicate new information with him as quickly as possible.

Because of the logistical challenges of uncertainty, Snyder expected the league would tell him whether the game was on or off by the end of the day Oct. 25. He hadn’t heard any discussion of moving the game to another day.

The league declined to comment on the possibility of litigation, and Prairie Seeds’ head coach and athletic director Youssef Darbaki could not be reached for comment immediately.