LETTER: Vote yes, invest in children

To the Editor:

The Rockford Area School District has played a significant role in the milestones of my life.  Many years ago, I attended Rockford as a student where I was able to participate in band, two sports, and cheerleading.  The leadership opportunities that were given to me and the relationships that were cultivated in a small, caring district gave me the confidence to explore higher education and pursue my dream to become a teacher.

My relationship with the Rockford Area Schools continued a few years later when I was hired to teach at the elementary school.  The positive role that this district played in my life as a student growing up made my first teaching job feel like I was truly coming home.  The staff which cared so deeply about students and all aspects of their life had only grown stronger and I was so proud to now be a part of that as an educator.  My goal was to have the same impact on my students on a daily basis.

I now see the Rockford Area School District not only through the eyes of teaching, but as that of a parent.  I have three children in the district and I am thrilled that they are growing up in a school community that builds special life-long relationships with each other, gives them the opportunity to participate in all areas of athletics, academic, and the arts, and is helping each one of them become well-rounded citizens.  My children have benefited immensely from the unique programs that they have experienced in Rockford.

On Nov. 6th, the Rockford Area School District will be asking the voters to support a building bond to provide funds for the improvement of our school sites and facilitates.  The bond will provide support to maintain the facilities that allow these wonderful learning opportunities to take place.  Please join me in voting “yes” for our schools and invest in the most important aspect of the future, our children.

Deb Milow