LETTER: The big picture needs you

To the Editor:

Before voting “no” over increased property taxes, please examine what this bond is helping Looking at the big picture, it’s more than upgrades to district facilities. Let’s not forget what education means to our younger generation. Education is going to drive this country, and students are the future. Supporting them today helps tomorrow, and having a safe, clean environment to help them learn and excel should be a priority regardless of your status. As an education major and aspiring teacher, I have observed what budget cuts and unsuccessful bonds can do to a district, setting our students up for failure.

Ask yourself why we need to update certain areas for students to excel in school? Does field turf, new bleachers, fixing windows etc. really help the learning process? Again, as an education major, I know that it makes a huge impact on every student. Upgraded facilities for fine arts, sports and educational instruction help students excel and succeed. As technology advances, so does the instruction, helping students gain more interest and understanding in all educational aspects. I have witnessed this first hand, and it’s an absolute thrill seeing students push toward new heights.

As a former student, it’s disheartening to hear community members discredit the district. I contest with this: Do you understand why surrounding districts have the ability to find success in numerous areas? It’s because they have community support, giving them the opportunity to use it for the improvement of their school facilities.

I cannot believe anyone thinks that other area schools have better educators than Rockford. The education profession is very competitive, and districts search long and hard for the best possible candidates for their schools. A district’s success, 99% of the time, relies on how much support its educators receive to help students be successful and stay interested.

When it comes to education, fine arts and athletics, understand that there are necessary tools, and they come with a cost.

To help build character, leadership, ethics and role model qualities in young students, please vote “yes”.

Tyler Maher

2006 RHS Graduate

  • Truth Counts

    Hard for me to try to argue with your whole 6 years of experience since leaving school, but have you bothered to even LOOK at their educational standings? Can you explain why this school has failed No Child Left Behind for 3 straight years? It is not the community trying to discredit this school – they have done that themselves.

    The more the focus is outside the classrooms and away from actually TEACHING and improving EDUCATION the more I will vote against all the extra stuff that is not needed. I do not know of anyone looking for a job that says “If only I had a better field to play football on”…

  • You’re right…truth does count!

    Truth counts – You don’t understand No Child Left Behind. Virtually all schools in the state fail to make NCLB in one area or another, INCLUDING the TOP performing districts in the state on measures of ACT, graduation rate, and college matriculation. There is a reason that so many states have applied for, and received a waiver from NCLB…NCLB is legislation that has standards that cannot be met. It has little to do with the academic performance of the schools themselves. If you had any experience in the business of educating children, you would know this to be true. Speaking of the schools, REAMS is a “Blue Ribbon School”, meaning that its test scores are among the best in the state. If you were to close REAMS for “poor performance”, you would also have to close about 70% of the elementary schools in our state, for the same reason, as they don’t even perform as well as REAMS on standardized tests. Please get your facts straight.