LETTER: Supporting Greg Payer for Mayor

To the Editor:

I am writing today to express my support for Greg Payer in the race for Mayor of Champlin. I have known Greg and his family for many years. Is knowledge and open-mindedness has been something my husband and I have come to depend on when seeking advice or assistance in a variety of matters.

I attended the candidate forum last month during which the three candidates for mayor answered questions regarding various issues both current and forthcoming. Mr. Payer answered the questions in the intelligent and non-nonsense manner to which I have become accustomed. For instance, there was some debate abut whether companies considering a move to Champlin should be given “incentives” in order to make Champlin a more alluring choice when making their decision on where they should locate. One of the candidates suggested that this might be a good option for the city. Mr. Payer pointed out that by offering incentives to prospective businesses, you’re causing the already established businesses to feel cheated. We all know how frustrating it is when the cable company for example, offers “new customers only” a great new rate while those of us who have been dedicated customers for years aren’t offered the same rate. Mr. Payer has the insight and maturity to dig deeper into an issue rather than jump blindly into seemingly simple fixes.

Mr. Payer is a long-time resident of Champlin and has experience serving on the Champlin City Council, both of which afford him the expertise necessary to make informed decisions and to know what works and what doesn’t work for the City of Champlin.

In closing, Mr. Payer has been a go-to person for my family. Knowing how much he cares about the City of Champlin, I have no doubt that his awareness and caring attitude make him the ideal person for the job. He will be an excellent mayor. Please join me in voting Payer for Mayor.

Sandra Schwartz