LETTER: Supporting ArMand Nelson for Champlin Mayor


I have watched and admired ArMand Nelson over the years as he served this community with integrity and dedication. What has impressed me most about Armand running for Mayor is that he didn’t just appear on the scene and ask for our votes, but learned about our community first by serving as the president and treasurer of Oxbow PTO and a member of the Servant of Christ Church Council, Park and Recreation Commission, Public Safety Commission and Champlin City Council.

ArMand works, not for personal gain or benefit but to make Champlin a better place to live. He would be involved in this community whether or not there was an election. No other candidate for Mayor has committed more time to our community than Armand Nelson. Because of this, I am able to support him without hesitation. Armand Nelson will get my vote on Nov. 6 not because he has asked for it, but because he has earned it.

Kate Boynton