LETTER: Seeking new mayor, new start, new life

To the Editor:

The city of Champlin is at a critical crossroads. Do we vote for the same candidates that have dictated our lives for the past few years? Or do we act to change our community for the better for years to come?

Ryan Sabas wants to promote business growth in our city, the city he has lived in his whole life. His experience in our business community with his own successful business makes him the perfect candidate to give a clear eye to the city problems. To make this city shine like I know it can, we need a mayor with an understanding of business and a new energy to bring to the table. Ryan Sabas is a remarkable young man who will fill this role like no other. With only unbiased motivation I know he won’t be influenced by other politicians. He will forge his own path to positively change this city.

This November, please join my family and me by voting for the fresh approach Ryan Sabas has to offer. New mayor, new start and new life for the city of Champlin.

Jennifer Washburn