LETTER: Re-election Erik Johnson to Maple Grove City Council

To the Editor:

I’ve been a Maple Grove resident for 14 years, but I’ve come to realize that my time here pales in comparison to that of many of my fellow citizens. The long average tenures are undoubtedly due to the great things that Maple Grove has to offer. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Maple Grove grow in many ways. It just seems to get better year after year, and I want to keep it moving in that direction.

Great cities require great leadership, and that’s why I’m supporting Councilmember Erik Johnson for re-election to the Maple Grove City Council. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Erik personally for most of the time I’ve lived here. His service to Maple Grove, as a member of our outstanding Police force, as a member of the Planning Commission, and most recently as a Council Member, gives him a unique and distinctly valuable perspective on city governance.

Financially, Maple Grove is in excellent shape. Today, property taxes are lower than they were in 2007, and the city has been able to make targeted investments in our public safety and infrastructure while still maintaining the high-coveted AAA bond rating, and all of this was accomplished during the recession. The City Council deserves great credit for such strong financial management, and as part of the Council, Erik deserves our thanks and support.

As populations grow, city services must necessarily grow to keep up with the demand, but Erik has been a champion of the taxpayer, focused on efficiencies in operations before adding staff. As Maple Grove has grown, Erik has worked closely with other Councilmembers and city staff to focus on thoughtful planning rather than “growing just to grow”, and we live the results of his efforts every day as we travel throughout our town.

On Nov. 6th, we can “vote for two” Council Members. I urge you to use one of those votes to re-elect Erik Johnson to the Maple Grove City Council.

Larry Colson

Maple Grove