LETTER: Re-elect Medina Mayor Tom Crosby

To the Editor:

Tom Crosby has earned re-election to a 4th term as mayor of Medina. He has guided the city with fiscal restraint during difficult economic times, minimizing annual increases in general fund expenses and maintaining a relatively low city property tax levy rate.

He also has led the city’s thorough, well-researched decision to move public works and police out of outdated facilities to an alternative site that will serve the city cost effectively for many years. During his 6-year tenure, Mayor Crosby has guided residential growth that is consistent with Metropolitan Council mandates in a careful, planned manner that protects the city’s unique rural core. He provides the city council with steady, consistent management that is open, fair, and predictable. The City of Medina has been served well by his leadership.

Mayor Crosby deserves re-election as mayor of Medina.


James S. Lane and

Joan L. Lane