LETTER: Levy: make informed decision

To the Editor:


This is your opportunity as a citizen of Dist. 728 School District to exercise your privilege to VOTE.

Question 1 — The Board of Independent School District 728 has proposed to renew the existing referendum that previously passed in 2003. This renewal would be good for another ten years, starting in 2014.

Question 2 — This request of voters is for a new 10-year levy that will result in new taxes.

With voter approval, the district will provide: free all-day, every-day kindergarten program ($2.2 million); technology that directly impacts the classroom ($400,000); curriculum that directly impacts the classroom ($400,000); on-going operating expenses ($3 million).

The board of Independent School Dist. 728 has proposed to increase its general education revenue by an additional $400 per pupil. The proposed new referendum revenue authorization would be applicable for ten years, beginning with taxes payable in 2013, unless otherwise revoked or reduced as provided by law.

Question 1 must be approved by voters for Question 2 to be enacted (www.elkriver.k12.mn.us/2012levy)

Make informed decisions Nov. 6.

Jack Hines