LETTER: Join us in supporting Ryan Sabas for Mayor of Champlin

To the Editor:

I may be biased because Ryan Sabas is my son but if you have not yet met him please take a moment for me to inform you what kind of person Ryan Sabas is.

Ryan is the person who has always helped a neighbor or family member in need whatever the situation was. He is truly a good-hearted person who loves his city and is proud to come from Champlin. His father and I moved here in 1986 to raise our family and have thoroughly enjoyed our lives in Champlin.

By voting in a lifelong resident that is proud of his city, he will continue the wonderful life we all have come to expect here in Champlin and work to improve on it. Ryan’s father passed away a year after he was out of high school and life was hard not only emotionally from an unexpected passing but continuing the business that his father and he started a couple years previous. Ryan has the leadership and courage to guide our city in the right direction through any type of turmoil as he has done with his business through losing his father and poor economic times. Ryan has the willingness to ask questions when he doesn’t know the answers and be honest at all times. Please contact my son Ryan Sabas as if you want to know more about him.

Mary Sabas