LETTER: Hoffman is a true leader who should represent us in the state senate

To the Editor:

The choice is clear in the campaign for state senate representing Champlin, Coon Rapids and Brooklyn Park. School board vice chair John Hoffman should be elected state senator in our new Senate District 36. He has earned this position and we need his consensus building to start getting good work done.

The past two legislative sessions have been a disaster, full of ideological gridlock and partisanship. A dark time in Minnesota political life, leading to the longest shutdown in our state’s history costing millions and millions of dollars. Taxpayers paid for these losses and during the shutdown our incumbent Senator Ben Kruse continued to take a paycheck and daily per diem (over $ 20,000 in two years). They voted to shut government down and kept getting paid. John Hoffman will introduce legislation that will prevent this from happening again.

By contrast, when the economy turned hard, the school board members took a 10 percent cut in their pay and administrators and senior teachers took a pay freeze. That is real leadership. Mr. Kruse. Vote John Hoffman for State Senate.

Bill Fleming