LETTER: Barnes’ response to Paulsen endorsement

To the Editor:

I have a great job, an amazing wife and two-month old baby girl at home. It would be easy for me to sit back, count my blessings, and let others make the tough decisions. But as a career Navy officer and business executive, that is not my way.

And when I started looking at Rep. Erik Paulsen’s record, it became clear that I could no longer trust his leadership. We got spoiled by Jim Ramstad. He was an authentic moderate whose votes matched not only his campaign speeches but also the needs of the district. His successor is greatly lacking in those regards.

A perfect example is his position on the Affordable Health Care Act. In June, he delivered the Republican response to the President’s weekly radio address and called for its complete repeal. And he has voted 33 times to do just that. But with your editorial board, he apparently convinced you he was not in favor of the full repeal. And then today, at a business forum, he told a room full of business leaders, that he favors a full repeal.

Rep. Paulsen maintains an image as a moderate in the district, while voting 93 percent of the time with his party. That is more partisan then even Rep. Bachmann.

Since Jim Ramstad won’t run again, I am here to offer the voters the truly moderate and independent leadership they have come to expect. And I would appreciate your votes on Nov. 6.

Brian Barnes


Barnes is running as the DFL challenger in the Third Congressional District race against Republican incumbent Erik Paulsen.