Rogers Police

Editor’s Note: The following represents some but not nearly all of the calls taken by the department from Oct. 8 through 14.

Monday, Oct. 8

Tony Zamorano, 34, was cited for speed at 141st Avenue and Main Street.

A resident on Goldeneye Way reported a theft from auto in residential garage. Taken were purse, credit cards, driver’s license, Social Security cards, check books, student IDs, medical cards, cash and GPS unit.

Burglary of a locked business was reported at 21201 John Milless Dr.

Dimagio’s Pizza reported theft of a stainless steel ice maker sitting along side building, taken between Oct. 5 9:30 p.m. and Oct. 6 10:30 a.m. Reporting party said that her vehicle was hit sometime between 11:30 and 12:30 Oct. 7 at Target by an unknown vehicle.

Jeremiah Judson, 28, was cited for driving with suspended license, at 21130 134th Ave.

Tuesday, Oct. 9

Ronald Lance, 55, was arrested at 13450 Rogers Dr. Officers were dispatched to an unknown problem at Denny’s. Upon arrival, officers learned that the suspect had left the restaurant without paying for his food. Officers were told the suspect walked toward the Holiday Gas Station. The suspect was located in his semi truck. The suspect paid for his food and was told not to return to Denny’s. Approximately 10-15 minutes later, the suspect returned to Denny’s and confronted the waitress. The suspect was subsequently arrested for public nuisance.

Officer was contacted by an Elk River Police Officer with a request to check a residence in the city of Rogers for a suspect with a felony warrant. The suspect was identified as Mr. Urena-Muro who was reported staying at the residence of 13728 Bluewing Drive. During contact with the resident of 13728 Bluewing Drive, Officer observed Urena-Muro approach the residence and attempt to flee on foot. Urena-Muro was placed under arrest for a felony warrant. Officer met the Elk River Officer who took custody of Urena-Muro.

Thursday, Oct. 11

Samuel Koehl, 20, was cited for speed at County Rd. 81 and I-94.

Friday, Oct. 12

Police assisted with a drug overdose at 13400 Rogers Dr. Subject had ingested 1.5 grams of meth and was transported by paramedics to a hospital.

Gavin Swenson, 27, was cited for no seatbelt at 134th Avenue and Rogers Drive.

Nicholas Patraw, 26, was cited for expired tabs and no proof of insurance at County Rd. 81 and John Milless Drive.

Raisa Nutovich, 58, was cited for school bus stop arm violation at 23520 Birch Circle.

Kristion Severson, 22, was cited for no seatbelt, no driver’s license in possession, wrong address on license and expired tabs at South Diamond Lake Road and Rogers Drive.

Matthees Floyd, 52, was cited for driving after suspension at 141st Avenue and Northdale.

Michael Litz, 42, was cited for driving through stop sign at 134th Avenue and Rogers Drive.

Justin Shaw, 23, was cited for expired registration at I-94 and Main Street.

David Vincent, 37, was arrested for domestic dispute at 21130 134th Ave.

Saturday, Oct. 13

Jacob Stock, 22, was cited for no pay of cab services at 13520 Aspen Dr.

Kimberly McConnell, 53, was cited for failure to obey traffic control device at South Diamond Lake Road and Main Street.

Zakry Townsend, 19, was cited for speed at Brockton Lane and County Rd. 81.

Reymundo Fuentes-Torres was cited for stop sign violation at Brockton Lane and County Rd. 81.

Mason Benedict, 22, was cited for expired registration at 147th Avenue and Main Street.

Sunday, Oct. 14

Nhia Yang, 30, was cited for no MN driver’s license at I-94 and Main Street.