LETTER: Uglem offers real life experience to make a real difference

To the Editor:

Vote Mark Uglem for State Representative. Mark is a conservative defender of freedom and a person with a proven track record of job creation.

Mark and I have been friends since 1990 so I know a little bit about his character.

Since August 2011, I’ve been spending a great deal of time in North Dakota building homes in the oil region. I’ve learned firsthand what we have all known — the difference in business climate between Minnesota and North Dakota is like night and day.

Since working in North Dakota, I have personally spoken to the Republican Governor many times and his staff have bent over backwards to break down unnecessary and duplicative regulations, answer our questions and get government out of the way so we can build homes and create jobs. I know we all believe that’s how government is supposed to work.

That’s the exact same experience I’ve had with Mark Uglem while he’s been Mayor of Champlin.

I’ve had the honor of working with Mark on several Champlin housing projects, and while I’m biased, I think he’s the best mayor in Minnesota.

Mark communicates to you and with you, not above or below you.

Mark has been a business owner and understands where the dollar comes from.

Mark has cut budgets and made tough decisions to lay off employees, just like the private sector.

Mark is business savvy, works with many groups, gets his point across but isn’t distracting or negative to anybody.

And most importantly, Mark rolls up his sleeves, sticks to his principles and he’ll be first in the fight for smaller and more effective government.

In political campaigns, candidates talk a lot about what they want to do. Mark Uglem has already done it. Let’s send him to the Capitol to continue to work for us.

Please join me in supporting Mark Uglem for State Representative.

Tom Bakritges