LETTER: Mark Uglem’s experience, fiscal responsibility crucial for state rep job


I am supporting Mark Uglem to be voted our next State Representative for Champlin and Coon Rapids. Our area is a growing area and we need a representative who is in tune with the needs of the area. Mark is that person. As the Mayor of Champlin, Mark has been very involved in the issues of our area. He has been active in North Metro Mayor’s Association, an organization I help start back in the 80’s to work on economic development, roads, educational issue and the transportation needs of our area. As Mayor, he has demonstrated he is fiscally responsible in working with your tax dollars. Since I left the legislature, I am still spending time at the Capitol working to shape the future of Minnesota. As our state moves forward, we need a person with Mark’s background in business at the capitol. With our state facing another billion-dollar shortfall, we do not need another inexperience person at the Capitol.

The residents of our area need a person with the experience, knowledge, and the drive to get the job done and not be a person who goes to St. Paul to just sit there and vote. That’s not a person who will represent us and fight for the issues affecting us. That is why I am supporting Mark Uglem to be our next State Representative.

William G. Haas, Jr.

(Editor’s Note: Haas is a former State Representative for Champlin-Coon Rapids and a former Mayor of Champlin.)