LETTER: Kruse’s trustworthiness not all its cracked up to be

To the Editor:

A recent letter by Barb Anderson stated, “Senator Kruse can be trusted. He gets my vote.” Strangely, her letter was devoid of any reasons why we should trust him. So, I set out to answer the question for myself.

Interestingly, a cursory search of the Internet revealed that Senator Kruse has signed two consent agreements in 2011 and in 2010 for campaign finance violations. According to the Campaign Finance and Disclosure Board, In 2011 Senator Kruse accepted excess funds from “special sources” (lobbyists) and accepted a campaign contribution in excess of what was allowed for an individual. Kruse subsequently was the recipient of enforcement actions and fines from the board.

Fast forward to 2012 and Kruse was again fined for a violation of campaign law. In the Sept. 5 issue of the Star Tribune, Senator Kruse along with Steve Sviggum and ten other GOP senators were fined for distributing what was determined by a three-judge panel to be fundraising literature for the GOP. The kicker is that this literature was paid for by taxpayer dollars.

Aside from the issues of fines I take issue with Kruse’s support of the Marriage and Voter ID amendments. He was elected to make difficult choices. A vote to put a question to a Constitutional amendment is not a vote for anything; it is a vote to avoid taking a real stand on controversial issues and to abdicate his responsibility on the outcome. It’s easy to pass non-controversial legislation, and Kruse has done that, and kudos to him. But when it comes to difficult decisions, he bends to the will of his party or he punts. It is maddening.

I have known John Hoffman for several years. I know him as a trustworthy, honest, and meticulous person. I also know that he is not a “rubber stamp” vote. He is about bringing consensus and is truly serious about working on both sides of the aisle to get things done. He will do what is right for us, not what is easy.

John Hoffman can be trusted. He gets my vote.

Stephen Berg