LETTER: Invest in Delano Schools

To the Editor:

This November, Delano School District residents have the opportunity to vote on two questions providing funding for our schools. Costs have continued to go up for the last 10 years, however, state funding for education has not. Delano has been incredibly frugal with taxpayer’s money. We spend less per student than all but one of the communities surrounding us, and over two-thirds less than Orono.

This year $750,000 was trimmed from the Delano district budget. Does that mean that the school was spending carelessly? No. Just because you can make cuts doesn’t mean it’s in your best interest or that it’s not painful. The current cuts are painful for parents, for students, for staff. Classrooms are over-crowded. Our staff members can only absorb the cuts and the increased class sizes for so long before our schools start to suffer.

If both questions do not pass, our schools will be taking a huge step backwards. A strong desirable school district benefits our entire community. Housing prices will be higher, crime will be lower, and we will all enjoy a sense of community pride and cohesiveness that comes with pride in a quality school system. Living in a community means investing in it.

Missy Larson