LETTER: In support of Ryan Sabas for Mayor

To the Editor:

Being a leader is not about how much experience you have in politics, it’s not about showing off your college degree, it’s not about putting up signs, name-dropping or how good you look in a suit and tie. Social status, how much money you make, the car you drive, the house you live in can change in a moment’s notice.

A real leader doesn’t persist in expelling their resume along with what they have accomplished in their lives, instead he listens to what you need from him to improve your life. A real leader has humility, he is not better than us, and he is one of us. A real leader knows your struggles because he has experienced it also.

Ryan Sabas is not a politician. Ryan Sabas is a hard working, blue collar, common sense, down to earth every day person.

If you are unsatisfied with what has been occurring in our city and think that we need a common sense approach to our budget, cut some waste, have more openness and availability with the council, work harder on bringing in more business and keeping them here, inject some youthful energy into our politics than Ryan Sabas is your guy.

Ryan Sabas is not better than you or me, he is you or me. It is time for one of us to lead this city.

Ron Rosen