Drunk driver sentenced for criminal vehicular homicide

A Maple Grove woman pleaded guilty to an incident where she drove drunk and hit and killed a woman walking near the Shoppes and Fountains at Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove this past January.

Linda Hamm, 62, pleaded guilty to a single count of criminal vehicular homicide.

Back in January officers received a traffic complaint of a vehicle being driven erratically and at excessive speeds before the accident.

The victim, Ann Blake, 54, of Andover had been walking with her sister Jean near the of Hemlock Lane and Elm Creek Boulevard enjoying a day of shopping on Jan. 31 when she was hit by Hamm.

According to reports, Hamm admitted to the judge she drank Vodka before driving to a meeting that Tuesday morning. She felt light-headed and turned around to head home.

She was brought to the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the test results showed her blood alcohol level was .18 within two hours of the fatal traffic incident. Officers also located an open vodka bottle in Hamm’s car at the scene of the accident.

Hamm was sentenced to a year in the work house, 10 years’ probation and 120 hours of community service.