What kind of community do we want Delano to be?

To the editor:

The most important question around the upcoming operating levy referendum for Delano Public Schools is, “What kind of community do we want Delano to be?”

The levy is not about adding extravagance. The levy maintains programs allowing our kids to be employable and productive. In tough times you need to manage expenses, but you also need to invest for the future. A vibrant school district is not only valuable for the education it provides to students. It is the cornerstone of a successful and growing community.

The main reason we relocated to Delano was because of the school district. I have talked with many new residents of Delano who say the same thing. We cannot afford to lose that draw.

The quality of our schools also directly affects business involvement with Delano. Project Lead the Way draws the participation of many businesses outside of Delano. Businesses are sending people and resources to Delano because of the schools.

We need both new homeowners and new businesses in Delano to grow out of tough economic times. A strong school district supports both. This operating levy is an investment and not an expense. It supports the future of our schools, our children, and our community as a whole. Please vote “Yes” and “Yes” on Nov. 6.

Dan Stolfa