Residents give District 11 high marks in survey

Residents are generally pleased with the education offered by Anoka-Hennepin School District 11, according to the results of a survey completed this summer.

Decision Resources, Ltd completed the phone survey in June and July. It included 500 households and had an accuracy rate of plus/minus 4.5 percent.

This was the 10th survey of District 11 residents completed by Decision Resources. The last survey was completed in 2010 to gauge resident support of a proposed levy.

“There are some significant changes in the perception of the district,” said Bill Morris of Decision Resources.

One of those changes is in the quality of education provided by the district. In previous surveys a larger number of people rated the quality of education as excellent compared with this most recent survey. However, the number rating the quality of education as good skyrocketed by some 20 percent, Morris said.

Overall 83 percent of those responding rated the quality of education in District 11 as good or excellent.

Most serious concerns, according to residents, facing the district are lack of funding (26 percent) and large class sizes (16 percent). Bullying came in third at 12 percent.

“In general, then, people tend to think things are on the upswing,” Morris said.

Morris also told school board members that for the first time residents rate the value of District 11 education as good or excellent.

School board members as well as the superintendent and administration receive high marks from survey respondents with 67 percent rating the school board’s performance as good or excellent and 66 percent rate the superintendent and administrators’ job performance as good or excellent.

Teachers as well continue to receive high rankings with 78 percent of survey respondents giving them a good or excellent performance rating.

They have always been rated very highly, Morris said about the district’s teachers.

Overall, Morris said the survey results are quite impressive the year following the successful passage of a levy referendum.