LETTER: Tim McNeil’s leadership crucial for Dayton


This November election is more critical than ever for the city and residents of Dayton. The future mayor and city council members will make important decisions that will impact us all for many years to come. That is why it is crucial we vote for Tim McNeil for mayor on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

He has the experience, dedication and compassion to lead Dayton down the correct path. Tim genuinely cares and listens to what the residents of Dayton have to say and has a proven track record of supporting the residents in his decisions. Tim is not afraid to stand up for his views and supporting the citizens of Dayton. He believes in transparency and good communication between the City and the residents.

Tim will be a mayor that is on the people’s side and I am confident he will work hard to earn our trust and support.

He is the only candidate for mayor with the experience and dedication we need in Dayton.

Darnell Fisher