LETTER: Supports ArMand Nelson for Champlin Mayor

To the Editor:

 Please take the time to closely explore all the candidates that are up for election this November. The Mayoral race has 3 candidates this year.  I myself am looking for a person with experience, a long history of volunteering in the community, and someone who will consider all sides of an issue before making a decision.

The candidate that can deliver on all of these is ArMand Nelson. ArMand has been a resident of Champlin for over 22 years. He is the current Ward 4 City Council member and has served in a volunteer position for Champlin as the Chairman of the Park and Recreation Commission, Chairman of the Public Safety Commission, as well as volunteering for National Night Out.

This experience with city politics, as well as a long history of volunteering in leadership positions with his children’s schools and his church shows commitment to the community that goes above and beyond.

Your vote for ArMand Nelson will bring you a leader with integrity and experience, and a Mayor that will listen and be responsive and accountable to all residents of Champlin.

Kim Baumgartner