LETTER: Supporting ArMand Nelson for Mayor

To the Editor:

Would you choose a physician without any training to care for you or your child? I would not, and nor would I vote for a person to be our next mayor who has not had any training or experience for the position of leading a city through the next two years. Instead, I am voting for ArMand Nelson to be the Mayor of Champlin. He is the only candidate who has the leadership experience, skills and abilities, as well as the commitment to lead this great community.

ArMand Nelson is a man of integrity.  I have always known ArMand to do the right thing. He has the strength and problem solving skills to lead a group of stakeholders through tough decision making, while doing the right thing. Armand will take the time to listen to community members, weigh their concerns, and evaluate possible suggestions, before making a decision that will be above board.

ArMand Nelson has the understanding and knowledge of how cities are actually able to use the money allocated to them. His involvement in the city of Champlin Park Commission and Public Safety Commissions and current City Council, as well as a past Treasurer of Oxbow Elementary PTO and former leader of Servant of Christ Church Council have all enriched his understanding of how community budgets work. ArMand’s experience in these areas has given him the ability to show others how he is able to be fiscally responsible, while creatively solving problems as they arise.

ArMand Nelson is a man of commitment. He is a tireless worker who gets more quality work done in a day than most people can imagine. He sees something that needs doing and he works at it through completion, enlisting others best suited to help him along the way. ArMand Nelson is the person I want to lead our city, with all of its assets throughout the next two years. I want my community to flourish for my family and all those I care so much about. Please join me in voting for ArMand Nelson, the best candidate for Mayor of Champlin.

Gina Carlson