LETTER: Kruse offers financial prowess for state senate

To the Editor:

According to a 2010 Star Tribune article, the Anoka-Hennepin school district will put a spending liability on the taxpayers of $85 million dollars for budget years 2013 and 2014.  Amazing, knowing Minnesota is spending more on education than any previous year in our state’s history, how could A-H find themselves in such a deficit hole?

Two choices existed to cover the deficit – taxes or new fund sources.

Mr. Hoffman [DFL], school board member and candidate for State Senate proposed tax increases via another levy on property owners.

Senator Ben Kruse [R] chose to work bi-partisan with Democrats and Republicans to find funding sources specifically dedicated for Anoka Hennepin schools for this year and future years.  Senator Kruse worked countless hours with Rep. Dittrich [DFL], Sen. Bakk [DFL], Rep. O’Driscoll [R] to instill a lifetime of Trust Land Grant monies.  It was new revenue for A-H schools, budget neutral and kept our state’s budget balanced.  In fact, the Minnesota School Board Associations [a non-partisan group] honor Senator Kruse as “Legislator of the Year.”

Who do you want representing you?  A quick easy fix — more taxes State Senator or a hardworking individual using his experience, cooperation and reputation of bringing people together, making long-term funding available for education without increasing your taxes?

Vote Senator Ben Kruse on Nov. 6.

Brian Tommerdahl