LETTER: Believes in God, family, country and hard work

To the Editor:

I experienced the Great Depression, too many wars and too many politicians. Growing up, my family embraced the political platform of the Democrat party — hard work was rewarded, traditional families needed help and God and patriotism filled our core beliefs.

Then the day came when I noticed many within the DFL party mocking my beliefs in country, family, faith and hard work. So, I opened my eyes, ears and heart and began to challenge the traditional beliefs of the Democratic Party and found myself to be a Republican.

I believe in God. Going back decades, Democrats and their supporters began to remove God from our public conversation; for heaven’s sake, we founded our great nation with Judeo-Christian faiths and beliefs. We cannot publicly say His name or pray in His name. This year’s Democratic Convention, the delegates voted four times against God until the chair broke the convention’s rules, adding God back in their platform.

I believe in family. The Bible prescribes the marriage of man and woman. God gave man and woman the ability to create life. Children’s outcomes are best when a mother and father are in a child’s life. I ask you, if discrimination is wrong, why are you discriminating against my faith?

I believe in country. I remember sugar stamps, gas rationing, collecting metal and sacrifice. We were taught how to respect the U.S. flag. I remember the left spitting on returning U.S. soldiers. Today, our kids know more about Taylor Swift than Washing, Adams, Madison or Lincoln.

I believe in work and reward. Why should we continue to work hard? The harder we work the more taxes we pay. When the fruits of our labor become the possession of the government and entitled, we enrich an attitude and acceptance of dependency and bondage to the government.

My worry, if we do not change the direction of our government and society, The United States will follow the Roman Empire. We need change. W need hope. We need our country back. We deserve to be in charge of our future.

Betty Dickinson