LETTER: Artificial turf or else!

To the Editor:

Another bond vote for the school? For repairs and maintenance? Projects?

I took the tour of the facilities at the Rockford schools. There was a lot of “the sky is falling.” The situation is urgent!

My first reaction to this: Why hasn’t the school board allocated sufficient funds to keep our buildings in good repair? Yes I know, they will say that there has not been enough money in the overall budget for the necessary upkeep and repairs. I say that it is just a matter of priorities. Do we hire more assistants? Or do we hire some roofers? Do we jazz up the east entrance to the middle school? Or do we hire some roofers? Do we give ourselves a pay raise? Or do we hire some roofers? Do we continue to spend substantial amounts of extracurricular activities? Or do we hire some roofers?

Ted Botten (chairman) had the audacity to claim that if this bond does not pass, then the school board will close the middle school! So the board is giving us a choice: “Provide us with artificial turf on the football field or we will close the middle school.” That does not sound reasonable to me.

Funny how it is that when you take a close look at the long laundry list of the 57 proposed projects, you realize that it is mostly wants. I see four items that I would describe as a need. One point four million out of 27 million. They all involve water intrusion.

The board has been negligent in allocating sufficient funds for the proper upkeep and care of our facilities. If they can’t manage to maintain what they have now, how are they going to maintain all these improvements in the future? More  bonds? These repairs and maintenance can and should be taken care of out of the regular budget. Not by an additional bond, or tax. We are already in debt up to our eyeballs with the last referendum for operating expenses, over and above our regular property taxes.

Kenny Raisanen