Greenfield residents to choose official city slogan

The City of Greenfield, and the city’s economic development authority, are on a mission to inspire unity and promote a community-wide identity by adopting a city slogan.

This a fun and easy way for residents to express their awareness of the city’s amenities and take park in local history. You can vote for one of the entries already posted on the city city’s web site,, or add on of your own. Hurry, though, as voting closes Nov. 30.

The author of the chosen slogan will be recognized at a future Greenfield City Council meeting.

So far, the contenders are: The Jewel of Hennepin County; Experience the Beauty, Discover the Life; Civilization, Imagination, Recreation; Green Fields and Beautiful Waters; City of Greenfield – Settled in 1858; Welcome to Greenfield; Greenfield…Home at Last; Come, Stay, Enjoy.

So, you get the idea. Put on your thinking caps, or pick your favorites from the current entries, and vote online.