Polo Club gets CUP for special events

The Twin Cities Polo Club Tuesday, Sept. 25, got approval from the Independence City Council for organizations to hold a limited number of non-horse related special events at the club, located at 6755 Turner Road in Independence.

The City Council also took up other business at its regular meeting. Here are some meeting highlights.



City Planner Mark Kaltsas explained the request from the Twin Cities Polo Club. He said that the club’s original conditional use permit (CUP) did not allow non-horse related events on club property. The Polo Club was requesting an amended CUP allowing up to four ultimate Frisbee golf tournaments during the April to October season in a given calendar year.

In past years, the Polo Club has been the scene of Ultimate Frisbee tournaments, and some neighboring residents have complained about noise, traffic and related issues. After listening to neighbors and the Polo Club, the City Council asked them to come up with an agreement addressing the complaints.

The council looked at the agreement and decided to allow non-horse related events as special events on the 68-acre property. The city also worked with the Polo Club on regulations for signs directing traffic down Turner Road rather than through nearby neighborhoods. Part of the problem is that the club is located on Turner Road and not on Polo Club Road, and this confused motorists from outside the area.

Kaltsas said the Polo Club was asking for an amended CUP based upon the agreement that was reached amongst the neighbors, the club and the city. The Planning Commission looked at the proposed amendments and added finishing touches addressing neighbors’ complaints.

The City Council approved an amended CUP that allows up to four Ultimate Frisbee golf tournaments during the April to October calendar year — in addition to horse-related events permitted by the original CUP. Tournaments can be held only Friday through Sunday between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., but games can take place only between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. No more than 750 people can attend per tournament day.

Another condition calls for sending written notices of each tournament to contiguous properties. The notices must include a name and phone number of contact people for both planners of the event and the Twin Cities Polo Club.

Also, the Polo Club must place directional signage, as previously approved by the city, for each event at the intersection of Nelson Road and County Road 90.



City Engineer Brian Miller discovered a problem when he opened contractors’ bids for connecting Vinland National Center, located at 3675 Ihduhapi Trail, to sanitary sewers along County Road 11. The lowest viable bid was $157,519.25, and this was $12,800 more than he had anticipated in his feasibility report for the project. Even though he had set up a contingency fund, a cost overage of $6,175 still could happen.

Miller asked the City Council what it wanted to do. If the council were to reject all bids and call for new bids, the eventual cost could be even more than bids all ready received. Oct. 29 would be the soonest that the city could award a new bid. By then contractors very likely would raise their prices in anticipation of the winter construction season.

City Attorney Bob Vose said Vinland Center already has agreed to pay a $144,000 special assessment for its sewer connection. If the city accepts the current lowest viable bid, it could be exposed to $13,000 in unexpected costs.

After looking at various courses of action, the City Council decided to accept the $157,519.25 bid from Kusske Construction Company. This award is contingent upon Vinland Center agreeing to pay additional costs.

The sanitary sewer project will support Vinland’s addition of 20 beds for it chemical health patients — bringing the size of the facility to 61 beds.



The City Council also:

CANCELLED its regular meetings set for Oct. 9 and Oct. 23 and rescheduled both meetings for 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 16, at Independence City Hall.

APPROVED four ordinances that put into effect the city’s Local Water Management Plan. The ordinances include provisions for storm water management, building setbacks from wetlands, erosion and sediment control and storm water utilities.

APPROVED a request from Mathew Simmon and Colleen Rosenthal, 415 and 525 Game Farm Road, for a minor subdivision to allow for a lot line rearrangement.

APPROVED a request from Kim Herzog, 5458 Anderson Estates Road, for vacating a portion of the roadway, drainage and utility easement across her property.