LETTER: Supporting Tim McNeil for Dayton Mayor

To the Editor:

My husband, Steve and I, have always kept a close watch on city government. We believe that local government probably has a more direct impact on our lives than what happens in St. Paul, or in DC. In the past six years we have come to know Tim McNeil fairly well. One of the ways we know Tim is because for the past six years, he has sent out an email before each city council meeting telling the residents what is on the agenda, and what his thoughts are on those agenda items. The fact that Tim goes that extra mile to communicate to the residents impressed us right away, and where Tim stands on the issues has impressed us even more.

Over the past six years, Tim has been able to work with the current council, even though he often disagrees with direction the council is taking. Most recently he has disagreed on the budget and spending priorities. When I asked Tim about the budget he told me, “I didn’t vote for the last budget, because I think it spent too much money on the wrong priorities, and it borrowed too much money in a time where we should be saving money, not borrowing it.”

We are one of those crazy couples that likes to talk politics with our friends and family. When we talk to Tim we hear things we like. Things like:

•“It is the job of the city council to do the will of the people, not to do things against their will.”

•“When a city taxes, it is legally taking money from the residents without consulting them. We should use this power very sparingly, and only for the most important priorities.”

•“If I’m going to vote to restrict a person’s ability to use their property in any way, there better be an overwhelming need for that restriction. If not, a person should be able to use their own property as they see fit.”

Tim’s priorities match my priorities, and that is why I’m supporting Tim McNeil for Mayor.

Cindy Yager