Grant/bond would upgrade Corcoran city park for varsity competition

The Corcoran City Council signed off on a grant and city contribution to support a varsity sports complex in Corcoran.

The council also discussed the Trail Haven street improvement project, and heard an update about planning for the public works facility.



City administrator Dan Donahue updated Mayor Ken Guenthner and councilors Rich Asleson, Tom Cossette, George Gmach and Roz Milbrandt about the joint Hennepin Youth Sports Grant application with the Rockford School District.

Last year Corcoran, the school district, cities of Rockford and Greefield, and Corcoran and Rockford athletic associations made the sports grant application for development of a baseball/softball sports complex to be located in Corcoran on the Rockford school property adjacent to the Corcoran Park.

Donahue said the grant was also a request for funding to build a four-court tennis complex.

“Both complexes were to be jointly used and managed by the school district and the city,” Donahue said in his memo. “The grant application received very high marks but eventually was not approved. This year, the same parties (with the exception of Greenfield) are reapplying for the grant to develop the fields at the Rockford School Property (but not the tennis courts).”

Donahue said the organizations are looking to renew their efforts to develop a varsity level baseball field complex in Corcoran at the Rockford School property.

Corcoran is being asked to participate in the resubmission of the grant application process, as well as to commit funding $45,000.

The total project cost is $750,000. The maximum grant award would be $325,000. The remaining funds would come through the partners’ contributions and through the school district bond that is up for a vote Nov. 6.

If the grant is approved, but the bond is not, Donahue said the project would begin with phase one construction.

The council accepted the planning commission’s recommendation to approve participation in the grant and approve a financial commitment of $45,000 from existing park funds.

The grant submission deadline is Oct. 5.



In other matters, the council heard from city engineer Vince VanderTop regarding the Trail Haven, Foxline and Treeline street improvement project.

He said a neighborhood meeting was conducted in August, and that neighbors were reluctant to participate in a project with the assessments at the levels presented.

The council thus requested information to evaluate the option of “Trail Haven only.”

VanderTop estimated that Trail Haven would cost $834,000 total, with a total assessment of $395,250.

Before approving a project, the council wants to have an assessment policy in place speaking of percentages of assessment amounts.

The next step to initiate an assessment project is to request an engineer’s report per state statute, which could be brought back for an October or November council meeting.

Any project would occur next spring or summer. The council took no further action on this issue.



In further news, the council was updated regarding construction plans for the new public works facility.

City engineer Kent Torve said the design group meets every two weeks to redefine the base layout for the facility.

The architect contract will be executed in October, and the deadline for the group is to provide recommendations to the architect at the design kickoff meeting for several key points such as vehicle footprint size, office and mechanical area sizes, for example.

The council at its next meeting will discuss the agreement to hire the architect (Oertel firm was approved), and then begin design issues.

Some construction could take place this winter, but the bulk of the project would be built and finished next year.

In other action, the council:

APPROVED a water connection agreement with the city of Maple Grove for Corcoran’s share of $300,000. Construction of sewer and water pipes is presently underway.

-Compiled by Aaron Brom