Delano boys win DC cross country invite

The Delano boys cross country team captured the team title at last week’s Dassel-Cokato Invitational.

Despite having four of the top five finishers, the Tigers beat Glencoe-Silver Lake by just four points. The other three Delano runners placed in the 40s, bringing up the team score.

Adam Armbruster won his first meet in front of Sam Thomas, who has sore knee tendons. Daniel Clark was fourth and Ticker Sjomeling fifth.

“This is the second best Delano has ever done up at DC,” said coach Borak Wiesner. “Our No. 3 and 44 guys are the real story. In just two weeks they have dropped their times by a half a minute a piece.”

On the girls side, the story has been injuries and sickness that have whittled down the team.

Rising above all this is Captain Sarah Trocke, who placed seventh at DC. Next came Shanie Streachek (27), Julia Volkers (33), Kiah Vanasse (37), Kathryn Goldsmith (40) and Olivia Jacobs (43).

Delano also entered the Buffalo Invitational last Thursday as one of the smaller schools in the 15-team field. The boys finished seventh and the girls 12th.

While Thomas rested his knees, Armbruster was placing fourth for the boys, trailed by Clark (15) and Sjomeling (20). Trocke (19) paced the girls.