STMA sets maximum levy, could lower before final approval

While the numbers were not yet concrete, the St. Michael-Albertville School Board certified a maximum levy as permitted by state law.

The board also added boys lacrosse as an independent provider of extracurricular activities, discussed amending the activities policy affecting activities on Wednesday evenings after May, and took action on other issues.



Supt. Jim Behle reviewed the proposed preliminary levy.

He said that due to issues at the Department of Education, the exact number wasn’t available at the board meeting. He said the board has two options: wait until the preliminary numbers are available and set a special meeting prior to Oct. 1 (must certify the preliminary levy to the county by Oct. 1); or certify the maximum amount set by the state.

Behle said most school districts in the state set the maximum not knowing the exact figure, which STMA has done in the past. Behle recommended the board approve the maximum amount.

After setting the maximum, the board could lower the levy, Behle said, but cannot raise it. The board will set the final levy amount after the truth-in-taxation hearing Dec. 17.

The board authorized certifying the maximum levy limitation.



In other news, Supt. Behle recommended adding boys lacrosse as an independent provider of extracurricular activities — the same status as boys and girls bowling, and trap shooting.

Behle said the sponsors of boys and girls bowling, and trap shooting, worked very well and that the partnership was successful.

Although a moratorium of two years was proposed with regard to adding more independent providers, Behle and activities director Brian Benson requested an exception to add boys lacrosse, based on experience with boys and girls bowling, and trap shooting.

Behle said the boys lacrosse sponsors will meet with Benson to review its responsibilities and sign an independent provider contract.

The board then approved adding boys lacrosse.



In further matters, the board reviewed the policy relating to school activities on Wednesday evenings after 6 p.m.

The board had requested review of the matter. After discussion with Supt. Behle, the board requested he amend the policy designating himself to make alterations within certain parameters, specifically allowing National Honor Society induction, high school academic wards, scholarship awards and Where Everybody Belongs (WEB) banquets to be conducted on Wednesday nights in May after 6 p.m.

All other alterations to the policy must receive prior approval by the board.

In other action, the board:

HEARD from a parent who discussed the policy of cutting students in high school sports. The board will review this topic Oct. 15. Supt. Behle said there was consideration to add a fourth girls soccer team but it was determined to be too late in the season.

APPROVED the annual report on curriculum, instruction and student achievement as presented by Ann-Marie Foucault and Teri Johnson.

-Compiled by Aaron Brom