Says failure of Delano Schools referendum will result in cuts

To the Editor:

Now that we are a couple of weeks into a new school year, you have probably noticed a few things have changed, especially if you are a parent in the Delano School district. Activity fees and parking fees are more expensive. There are now fees for our kids to take College in the Schools classes. Bus rides for our kids are longer. Many kids have to walk farther to and from their bus stop – some up to a half-mile. Some of our kids don’t get to ride the bus at all anymore.

All these changes are a direct result of the fact that last November, the Delano Schools operating levy referendum failed by 159 votes. If 159 more people had voted “yes” last November, we would not be writing this letter. If 159 more people had voted yes last November, our kids would still be enjoying that additional bus route. Our activity fees and parking fees would not have been increased. Even more importantly, if 159 more people had voted yes, the average class size in our Elementary School would not be the highest it’s been in our school’s history.

This November there are two questions on the ballot for a school referendum. The only way to avoid more fees and more cuts is to vote “yes” to both questions on Nov. 6. If we are not successful this November, we will see more cuts, more fees, and they will hurt more. It’s not a threat – it’s the truth.

Please Vote Yes and Yes on Nov. 6 and forward this to everyone you know and encourage them to do the same.

Barb Mitchell,

Representing the Vote Yes and Yes Campaign Committee