Rockford approves generator proposal

The Wright Hennepin Electric Cooperative is proposing supplying a generator system to back up power in the industrial park and help them shave electrical costs during peak times. This work would be done with not cost to the city.

Concerns over stalled computers and water pumping at lift stations was raised, both of which Dennis Peterson, the city’s public work supervisor, reported would not be affected.

This proposal, as explained, is beneficial to both Wright Hennepin and the City of Rockford.

The board supported this proposal unanimously.



The council discussed, with its attorney, Mike Couri, issues regarding the city’s ordinance for establishments serving alcohol on Sundays.

Owners of the long-standing city business, The Red Vest, addressed staff and council by letter and in person regarding an ordinance change that affects their business. The Red Vest does not offer a full menu, and has remained closed in compliance with the city’s ordinance several Sundays this summer.

The owners claim that this is a significant loss in business they cannot sustain. They also stated that upgrades to the kitchen to meet the ordinance requirements are not financially feasible at this time.

Couri told the council that it had two choices, amend the ordinance or offer an extension if an attempt to meet ordinance requirements are proposing to be met during the extension. Councilor Rene Hafften raised concerns over the city’s liability should it stray from the state guideline and allow more flexibility on Sunday food offerings, but Couri did not feel the city would, or could, be held responsible under those circumstances.

The council discussed previous extensions issued to the Red Vest, but took no action on this matter.



Damage done to private property in the spring, and how it will be paid for, was discussed by the council and staff.

A blockage in a sewer pipe occurred while GM Contacting was performing work on behalf of the city. The city’s publics work department jetted the clog, but several properties experienced damages.

Couri stated that he’d been in talks with the League of Minnesota Cities, and that it was proposed that the city withhold payment in the amount needed to rectify the situation with property owners, citing breach of contract, and work with the league over any outstanding costs or legal ramifications of proceeding this way. The council took this information under advisement.

The next regular meeting of the Rockford City Council is Tuesday, Sept. 18, at 7 p.m. at the Rockford City Hall, 6031 Main St.