Multi-agency effort moves I-94/Brockton Interchange into approval stage

Dayton to host final public open house Sept. 25

The Cities of Dayton and Rogers have taken official action to formally advance the selected design of a proposed new interchange on I-94 near Brockton Lane to the approval and environmental review stage.

The design, known as the “Offset Design Alternative” was selected from among seven options considered during an 18-month process involving broad technical review and extensive public participation and comment.

At its final regularly scheduled meeting Sep. 6, at Dayton City Hall, the Project Steering Committee (PSC) outlined the steps involved as the project moves through the design layout and environmental documentation approvals.

The PSC, made up of representatives from the Cities of Dayton, Maple Grove, Rogers and Corcoran, Hassan Mainstreet, LLC, Minnesota Department of Transportation, Hennepin County, Federal Highway Administration, Metropolitan Council, and Three Rivers Park District, has guided the study process since it was initiated by the City of Dayton in the Spring of 2011. During their meeting, a note from Doug Anderson, the Mayor of Dayton was read to the Committee. Mayor Anderson thanked PSC members for their commitment and hard work throughout the design review process and congratulated them on identifying a design alternative that had not only attracted broad support from among the residents and the business owners in the area, but which, when constructed, would significantly enhance the city and the region’s safety, competitiveness and quality of life.

While the conclusion of the Project Steering Committee’s work represents a major milestone in the development of the project, a great deal of additional work remains before it is ready for construction. Important next steps include the comment period and approval for the Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW). This document identifies information on environmental resources and existing conditions surrounding the I-94/Brockton Lane area; background data for future environmental reviews; and analysis of potential social, economic and environmental impacts of the proposed project. Copies of the EAW are available at the following locations: Dayton City Hall, Rogers City Hall, Maple Grove City Hall, MnDOT Metro Office, ऀRogers Public Libraryऀऀऀand Maple Grove Public Library.

The EAW is also available for review on the I-94/Brockton Lane website at The public is encouraged to submit comments during the comment period, which runs through Wednesday, Oct. 3. Comments can also be mailed to Rick Dalton, MnDOT Environmental Coordinator, 1500 W. County Road B2, Mailstop 050, Roseville, MN  55113 or emailed to him at [email protected]

In addition to the EAW, the “Offset” design will continue to undergo more detailed analysis and refinement based on comments generated during MnDOT’s review. A project implementation plan has also been prepared, describing possible construction phases, associated land acquisitions necessary for construction and right of way, and planning level cost estimates. Completion of the design layout, environmental documentation and project implementation plan will help position the project for future funding opportunities.

Funding has always been one of the driving forces behind the push to develop an identified design alternative for the interchange. The dollars necessary to construct the new interchange are not currently included in MnDOT’s long range budget; but the hope is that by having a design in place that has been widely reviewed, has broad support in the community, and a completed EAW and implementation plan, the project would be at a significant advantage over competing projects when additional funding becomes available. It will also make it possible for project partners to confidently pursue funding options more aggressively at the regional, state and federal levels.

Project proponents argue that the design development process has helped bring the potential benefits of the new interchange into clearer focus for the public and reviewing agencies.

“Those of us who have been promoting a Brockton interchange for years understand what it could mean in terms of improved safety, access, and economic development opportunities for the area,” said Dayton’s Mayor Anderson, “But now, because of this design development process, a much larger audience of residents, business owners, and agency partners understand the huge benefit this will have. That will help us in the future as we go after the funding we need to get it built.”

A final Open House for the project has been scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 25, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Dayton Senior Center, 18461 Dayton Street, in Dayton.

Agency representatives and the consulting team will be available to visit with the public and answer questions. It is planned as an informal Open House with no prepared presentations. Project information will be presented in a series of displays and maps that will be set up around the room for public review. The public is encouraged to stop by any time between 5 and 7 pm to learn about the progress that has been made. Comments and suggestions are appreciated and will continue to be important as the project moves forward.

For more information visit the project website at: or