Letter: McNeil dedicated to Dayton residents

To the Editor:

I first met Tim McNeil in 1997 when he came to work at the same company as me. Years later I moved to Dayton and Tim also moved here and decided to run for City Council.

That year he started sending emails out before each meeting telling me (and anyone who would listen) what was on the agenda, and what his feelings were on the big issues. I have been getting those emails for six years now and although the issues change, Tim’s commitment to communication and finding better ways to do things has not.

Over the years as Davenport Stables has grown Tim has helped my wife get a permit for a larger barn on our property. That type of personal help has proven to us that Tim is willing to help Dayton residents.

Over the last six years, Tim and I have talked about growth in Dayton. Tim sees growth as inevitable, but he believes it’s possible to grow and still keep what makes Dayton special. He has explained that if growth is slow and steady it is possible to keep taxes affordable, and if growth happens too quickly the cost of infrastructure can raise taxes beyond what is reasonable. On the other hand if policies are anti-growth our property values drop because nobody can do anything with their property.

I have seen Tim put together great plans when we worked together. I know how he is always thinking about the future.  I have experienced firsthand how he has worked with my family to make City Hall easier to deal with.

That is why I support Tim McNeil for Mayor.

 John Davenport