Facts matter for Rockford referendum

To the Editor:

In response to Tom Cook’s comments last week …

This referendum is about not wanting to close the middle school, not laying off teachers and not cutting programs.   It’s also about providing an increased educational experience for each and every student, which this bond provides.  That being said, if you want it to be about the school district/board and how well they manage finances, please explain to me how a district that wins the Education Finance Award is doing a poor job? I too have been to school board meetings; however, I also understand the countless hours of work sessions (that we can’t attend) that the school board discusses financial management prior to a public meeting.

I would encourage Mr. Cook to present facts, not opinions:

Mr. Cook’s opinion: $167 annual tax impact for $250,000 is for the first year only and higher in following years.

Fact: $167 will be the annual tax impact for the entire length of the bond.  It does not change (www.ehlers-inc.com/custom/taxinformation/Rockford/)

Mr. Cook’s opinion:  Synthetic Football field has a life expectancy of 8-10 years.

Fact:  Synthetic Activity fields, not just football (football, soccer, band performances, Physical Education classes, Community Education Classes plus community rental opportunities) not only allows for three times more use and provides a safer surface, but has a life expectancy of 13-plus years (i.e. Wayzata High School), not to mention is two to three times less expensive on a per event basis than natural surfaces, including both installation and maintenance costs not to mention saving over 500,000 gallons of water annually. (www.syntheticturfcouncil.org/associations/7632/files/Synthetic_Turf_360.pdf)

Everyone has opinions and they have their place, but when we are talking about the future of our students, schools and community, the facts are what matter.


Chad Robran