Won’t support St. Michael candidate

To the Editor


Today, Sept. 10, my neighbors and I discovered in our newspaper and direct mail boxes some campaign literature from Cody Gulick, who is running for one of two seats on the St. Michael City Council. The black and white piece talked trash about one of the other candidates.

Mr. Gulick should be aware that using delivery boxes for campaign lit without paying for them to be delivered is unethical. It takes more work, but an honest candidate goes door to door to speak with the voters, or leaves the lit at the door. Driving a car down a road — and stuffing boxes along the way — may be cheap and fast, but it is a type of theft, for they are using business property without paying for it.

Campaign lit, and the way it is delivered, tells a lot about a candidate. This experience has told me that Cody Gulick is not a candidate I would support Nov. 6.


Susan Rego

St. Michael