Won’t support St. Michael candidate

To the Editor


Today, Sept. 10, my neighbors and I discovered in our newspaper and direct mail boxes some campaign literature from Cody Gulick, who is running for one of two seats on the St. Michael City Council. The black and white piece talked trash about one of the other candidates.

Mr. Gulick should be aware that using delivery boxes for campaign lit without paying for them to be delivered is unethical. It takes more work, but an honest candidate goes door to door to speak with the voters, or leaves the lit at the door. Driving a car down a road — and stuffing boxes along the way — may be cheap and fast, but it is a type of theft, for they are using business property without paying for it.

Campaign lit, and the way it is delivered, tells a lot about a candidate. This experience has told me that Cody Gulick is not a candidate I would support Nov. 6.


Susan Rego

St. Michael

  • Cody Gulick

    First of all thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. There should not have been any literature in people’s mail boxes because that is illegal and carries a large fine. My volunteers and I are aware of this law, so I hope that is not the case. I have communicated to my volunteers that to not put literature in newspaper boxes from now on for the reasons that you have stated. I have passed out about 350 pieces of literature myself in residential areas, and all but one have been dropped off at or near the door. This is only my second time running for office, so I am learning some things as I go and I appologize if I have offended anyone.
    As to your comment that I was trash talking another candidate, Chris is deliberatly trying to conceal and misinform the people of St. Michael about his governing philosophy and his stances on issues. It is my responsibility to the people of St. Michael and the democratic process to inform voters that Chris is not a conservative and is not for low taxes. I am running an honest campaign and I am clear on where I stand on the issues and my political leanings. I wish candidates would not run campaigns telling people to vote for them because you recognize their last name. Issues are important because it lets a voter know how a candidate will govern once elected.

    Cody Gulick candidate for St. Michael City Council

  • rahn marshall

    I don’t believe that Cody got the message that that piece of literature was in our newspaper delivery boxes. I still believe that the slamming that goes on is of no use. Tell us what YOU stand for and let us make up our own minds.

  • http://heuristicstudios.com Brent Clark

    @Rahn, I’m pretty sure the statement “I have communicated to my volunteers that to not put literature in newspaper boxes” indicates that he got the message that the literature was in your newspaper box. Also, his literature does tell you what HE stands for, it just has an additional section dedicated to his opponents.

    I agree with you that slamming ones opponent has little value and is more likely to turn people away from a candidate than to vote for them. There is a little bit of “slamming” at the end of the “On my opponents” section, but, for the most part, the literature sticks to the facts by stating what was done in the past.

    @Susan, I can attest that the campaign literature for Mr. Gulick was delivered to my door in person. Also, I find it hard to translate the delivery of campaign literature to a newspaper box — something that is done by many businesses and organizations — in to an absolute “not going to vote for this candidate”. That seems a little over-dramatic and makes me question your objectivity.

  • http://Facebook.com/Chris.schumm.stmichael Chris Schumm

    Mr Gulick, I am not trying to conceal or hide anything from the residents of St Michael, infact I have been clear and transparent to them. The pictures you see on my Facebook page are from the several times that I went to the State Capitol with Councilor Schoen, they are pictures of myself with our elected officials, we took pictures with them just as anyone would do. I am a advocate for our great city and have put forth lots of efforts toward fighting against unfunded mandates that the city was facing. We also made trips to advocate for the I-94 expansion, and had questions about the Voter ID Bill that Rep. MacDonald also questioned. I have no problems running on my record. Lastly, before you slander and tell lies about your opponent, feel free to stop by and meet me first.

    Have a great day,
    Chris Schumm