Look to neighbors, communities for Marriage amendment guidance

To the Editor:

This November, Minnesotans will decide whether or not to vote for a proposed amendment that would limit the freedom to marry for same-sex couples. Marriage is an important issue to all of us, and as individuals, we must look to our neighbors and communities for guidance and support before we head to the polls.

Many businesses in the state, including General Mills and Thomson Reuters, have proudly come out in opposition to the amendment. Their examples have shown us that Minnesotans are eager to support groups that oppose this freedom-limiting amendment.

I have been a lifetime resident of Maple Grove. As I have grown, I have also witnessed the growth of pro equality supporters. From the triumph of S.A.G.E at Maple Grove Senior High, to the “Vote No” lawn signs and bumper stickers on the properties of many Maple Grove Citizens. But most importantly, the increasing population of GLBT citizens right here in Maple Grove.

As a community we need to grow with our citizens to ensure our success in life and as good, peaceful, and moral citizens.

It’s important that as a community member, you consider the effects this amendment could have and figure out where you stand. You can be rest assured that you’ll have plenty of support.

Chelsea Carter

Maple Grove