Champlin approves 2013 preliminary budget, tax levy

Champlin City Council approved a preliminary 2013 operating budget and preliminary tax levy at their Sept. 10 council meeting.

The preliminary tax levy has increased by $604,775 in the General Fund and the debt levy increased by $474,100. The levy as presented represents an 8.71% increase from the 2012 levy.  The preliminary proposed levy is the maximum amount that the city may levy for 2013 once the levy is approved.  The City Council may choose to decrease the levy prior to final adoption in December but the levy may not be increased from the preliminary levy that is set.

The preliminary tax levy would have a net impact of a $2 decrease for the city tax portion of the property tax bill, on a median valued home of $166,000 (as compared to a median value home in 2011 of $181,000).  The city council is adopting a preliminary levy without knowing the true tax effect to homeowners of all of the taxing districts.

The budget is preliminary in nature and is still under review by staff and the city council.  The budget shows an increase from the budget that was adopted in 2012 of $457,280 (7.29 percent) of which $375,000 is for additional transfers to infrastructure.

A work session will be held with the city council on Oct. 1 for the purpose of staff presentation of a balanced budget and discussions with department heads regarding the final budget to be presented at the public hearing on Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. The public is encouraged to speak at the public hearing.