Albertville approves 2% budget increase

The Albertville City Council approved a 2 percent budget and 2 percent property tax levy increase.

The council also took a similar position to the city of St. Michael for options to paint a logo on the old water tower in St. Michael.



Finance director Tina Lannes explained the budget and property tax levy process starts each year in June with staff preparing estimates and projections for council workshops, which were reviewed through several workshops in summer.

She said the preliminary budget for 2013 totals $3,096,365. The budget includes a General Fund tax levy of $2,423,781 for taxes payable 2013. This is a decrease of $5,988 over last year.

Plus, the debt service levy has increased from $712,503 to $781,325 ($68,822).  Therefore, Lannes said the total levy, both general fund and debt service, has increased from $3,142,272 in 2012 to  $3,205,106.

In Mayor Mark Meehan’s absence, the council voted 3-1 to approve the budget and levy. Councilor Dan Wagner was opposed, as he had previously indicated a desire to pay an unbudgeted $100,000 expense for city administration, rather than spread that amount. The unbudgeted amount is due to expenses to fill the city administrator position after the council voted 3-2 in April to part ways with former administrator Larry Kruse.

Overall, Albertville residents shouldn’t see a big increase in taxes. Some homes might see a decrease depending on property value.



In other news, as in St. Michael recently, the Albertville council was asked its preference for painting a sign on the Joint Powers water tower located just east of County Rd. 19 in St. Michael.

That tower presently does not have any sign or logo, whereas the newer tower by Big Woods Elementary School says “St. Michael-Albertville Home of the Knights.”

The Joint Powers Water Board recently, narrowly, approved having the other tower say “Joint Powers Water System” with “St. Michael –Albertville – Hanover.”

City engineer Adam Nafstad said in his memo, “It has been brought to staff’s attention that this may not be the preferred logo for this site. As a result, this topic is being brought back to the city councils for further discussions.”

The St. Michael City Council felt the tower should have its originally planned logo to be the same as the new tower, with “St. Michael-Albertville Home of the Knights.”

To change the motion, a special meeting of the Joint Powers Water Board would need to be called, and a motion to rescind would require four votes to pass. Such a meeting was indeed called for Tuesday, Sept. 11.