Should St. Michael tower give nod to Hanover?

City Council doesn’t think so

The St. Michael City Council discussed whether the city of Hanover should have its name painted on a water tower in St. Michael.

The council ultimately thought a better idea would be to put Hanover’s name on a future tower located closer to Hanover.

The council also set the preliminary levy and budget, and took action on other issues.



City administrator Steve Bot said the water tower just east of County Rd. 19 was originally bid to be repainted with identical lettering as the one at Frankfort Parkway and 50th Street, with “St. Michael-Albertville Home of the Knights.”

But at the recent Joint Powers Water Board (water partnership among St. Michael, Albertville and Hanover), Hanover Mayor Martin Waters requested several different options for the wording, with “Joint Powers Water — Albertville, Hanover, St. Michael.” The water board passed that wording on a 3-2 vote.

The council discussed the proposed lettering and reached consensus that it should be painted as originally bid.

The council felt that while it would be good to acknowledge the joint partnership of all three cities, it does not make sense to have Hanover included on a water tower that is miles away from the Hanover border. In the future, when a new tower is built on the south side of St. Michael or in Hanover, then it would make more sense, the council said.

Bot said there might need to be a special meeting of the water board to further discuss the water tower painting and possibly re-vote on the lettering.



In other matters, the council was presented with different resolutions pertaining to the 2013 levy and budget.

Administrator Bot said the budget is balanced, and that primary reasons for a proposed 2.99 percent increase are equipment needs and an increase in infrastructure bond payments needed due to lack of development in recent years.

The council unanimously adopted a resolution approving the levy increase, and approving the 2013 budget.

Cities can decrease the levy after certifying it to the county, but cannot increase it. Final budget approval is in December.

In other action, the council:

AUTHORIZED staff to send out requests for proposal for qualified companies to document any environmental conditions on the properties at 105 and 109 Central Ave. East. Staff said they are working with the bank for closing on these properties, and that the next step is to identify any environmental conditions and have them removed properly, and then public works personnel can demolish the buildings.

HEARD from assessor Jane Grossinger about the new rural preserve program, which is similar to green acres but is used for non-productive land. She is hoping to meet with