Rogers to construct new watermain

by Dawn Feddersen-Poindexter

Contributing Writer


At its regular meeting Tuesday, Aug. 28, the Rogers City Council approved the construction of a new water main to improve the flow to the new two million gallon ground storage water reservoir already under construction. They also discussed developing a logo for the City to develop a consistent look on signage.


Water Main

The Council accepted a bid of $118,830 for a water main line as a part of the previously approved new ground storage water reservoir project. The bid was $20,000 less than expected and should help bring the project in under budget. The water main will be located along TH 101, Northdale Boulevard, and 147th Avenue and connect to the new water reservoir.

The project is expected to begin in mid-September and be completed by the end of that month.

“There shouldn’t be much impact on traffic,” said City Engineer, Bret Weiss.


Downtown Sign

and Logo

As part of the John Deere Lane extension project, a downtown business sign was proposed in the southeast corner of John Deere Lane and CSAH 81. The purpose of the proposed sign is to direct motorists toward downtown businesses. The sign will feature a Rogers city logo on the top with six lighted slots on each side below that could be leased by local businesses.

The estimated cost of the sign, estimated between $12,000 and $18,500, could potentially be recouped after five years from the revenue gained by leasing the 12 slots of advertising space to local businesses. Wells Fargo, which donated some of the land needed for the lane extension project, has already agreed to lease two of the slots.

The Council agreed to approve $2,000 for design services for a City of Rogers logo that would be used on this sign and any future City signage.

“We want to try to achieve some sort of cohesiveness,” said City Administrator, Steve Stahmer. “We want the same design, type of sign, stonework. If you go to a city like Maple Grove, you’ll see that cohesiveness quite a bit. It’s a community branding issue, when it comes down to it.”